Shen Zhen Meng AN Technology Co.,Ltd

The electronic business department of our company is mainly engaged in Anti-theft facility  using in the digital markets, and we can provide the Anti-theft plan for the digital markets,   telecommunication enterprises, digital enterprises phone store. Our main products are          intelligently anti-theft control hosts, anti-theft instruments for displaying, parts and so on,   which can be used for guarding against thieves when laptops, digital cameras, MP3, tablet and other digital products are displaying in the counter. And the Automation Department of our company devotes to the combination of electronic and communication technology and researches remote measuring and controlling terminal system with the function of PLC and  RTU which can be widely used in water conservancy, electric power, gold metallurgy,              chemical industry, environmental detection, security and other fields. The R&D department  of our company not only researches the new products but also customs services for customer and providing the consultation.