Shen Zhen Meng AN Technology Co.,Ltd

We persisting to the principle of “ pursuing win-win cooperation and promoting common development”, we will stick to providing the best, reliable, efficient and innovative products and systems forcustomers. We treat the customers’ requirement as the guidance and doeverything we could to improve the profits for customers.

Our company and factory has strong strength, heavy credit, abide by the contract and ensure product quality. It has won the trustof many customers with the principle of multi variety management and small profits but quick turnover. Security system is an application system related to the safety of life and property. Through joint efforts with industry giants,the company seeks the most reliable quality and the most advanced functionalapplications, providing the most perfect security solutions for all sectors of the industry.


What an excellent elite team, confidence is our constant demanding of quality.

We firmly believe that the company must unite and work together, diligently and upward, loyalty, faith and self-improvement, keep pace with the times, cooperate harmoniously with all walks of life, win win and win win, and we will continue to advance in the competition, keep the evergreen industry and create Centennial Business.